Arizona Glass Alliance Website

Announcing a new website that we recently completed for the Arizona Glass Alliance (AGA). Linda belongs to a local glass group, Midwest Contemporary Glass Art Group (MCGAG). As a member, she volunteered discounted services and we developed the MCGAG website a few years ago. We were pleased to get a call this spring from AGA, complementing us on the MCGAG site, and asking for a quotation to format the site for their group. They liked the functionality and the look of the site, so our challenge was to utilize that same template while giving AGA a unique look of their own.


C&O recently offered volunteer help with a reunion website for The Raoul Company National Tour of The Phantom of the Opera. We began with the free version of WordPress, using, but ended up moving the site to a platform so that we could implement Paypal and have the ability to edit more files.


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